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End Times Like These Ministries
Equipping God's People for a Finished Work!
Monthly we visit heavy homelessness areas. We share care packages, food, water, spiritual material, prayer and encouragement. Our goal is to assist those that are drug addicted, mentally ill, and those that simply need proper nourishment to lead them to mental healing and therefore, better choices and back on their feet to live prosperous in society.
We have a full and active youth ministry, operated, coordinated, and led by youth for youth. Our youth reach out to the youth in our communities to befriend them, invite them to our monthly youth events, and sponsor them to our yearly youth conference held at Camp Cedar Falls, a campground in the San Bernardino mountains.
Seeds of Truth Bible Guides: A basic biblical study for beginnings, Seeds of Health Bible Guides: A basis health study entering wedge program. Seeds of Prophetic Facts, a basic and simple systematic study on the books of Daniel and Revelation. 

Please help so that we can have these printed. We provide them free to the community. 
In addition to our yearly full discipleship training courses, we also provide seminars and workshops free to the community such as health seminars, sewing classes, cooking classes and vesper services for youth.